With the transport tender module, you can send your quote request to multiple transport companies or forwarders with just one click. And within the deadline you will receive different quotes. These quotes are clearly shown in our software so you can see at just one glance who is offering the best price.

How does the Transport Tender software module work?

Imagine you have a freight destination Lithuania. From the call or sales order in you software, you’ll simply select the transport companies or forwarders from whom you want to receive a quote. Then you send your request to these companies with one press of the button. They will receive your quote request, with closing time, by e-mail and can fill in their sharpest rate via a link.

In the software you will see the price offers appear automatically. With just one mouse click, you can take the following steps:

  • The carrier of your choice receives the official transport order.
  • Next, the transport purchase order is created in Qbil-Trade®
  • Finally, the unsuccessful tenderers will be notified individually with an automatic message.

The advantages of the transport tender module:

  • A quick and clear way to receive several price quotes for a transport
  • Time-saving as prices and availability are requested automatically
  • You save tens to hundreds of euros per transport

We have built this module for Qbil Software in the Netherlands