We would like to contribute to the growth of our customers through the continuous improvement of our services related to the software we develop. Thankfully we never run out of ideas and the developments of our customers and in the field of ICT continuous offer new opportunities to achieve this.


For user questions, help questions and remote assistance, Yarikul offers state of art support to clients on a 24X7 basis. Support is provided by chat, email as well as the phone with approximately 0 minutes waiting time. Our clients are very satisfied with our highly professional services and prompt support. Yarikul promises your complete satisfaction and a long-term smooth business relation. Our customers immediately get one of our support staff on the phone who are familiar with the software environment we have developed for your company and with the outstanding questions and / or wishes.


When we have finished developing your software application we offer training courses for your users. But also training courses for new employees, new software modules or new functionalities. So that your company always makes optimal use of the software. 


Once we are ready with the development of your software application we can start with the testing & implementation process. Our years of experience has taught us that such processes require a specific approach. Before we get started, we go through all of the steps to be taken with you. Everything for a smooth implementation. 

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