About Yarikul

Yarikul Infotech is a Software Technology and Development Company. Our headquarter is based in Srinagar city of Jammu and Kashmir and we have a branche/office in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Yarikul Infotech is a sister company of Qbil Software, a ERP commodity trading software company in Europe, the Netherlands.

We have expertise in various IT technologies like PHP, JS, C#, AWS, HTML, CSS including Open Source and Proprietary Web Technologies like Microsoft .NET. and Linux.

With more than 10 years of experience delivering our professional services to our clients across the Globe Yarikul offers varied services in the field of Information Technology.

2006 | Raouf Athar - software developer

After his Master of Technology Raouf Athar starts to work as a freelance software engineer and developer.

2010 | Europe

Raouf travels to Europe and meets Hikmet Önce, the owner of Qbil Software in the Netherlands. Raouf joins the software development team of Qbil Software. 

2014 | Start up Yarikul Infotech

Because the demand for software solutions is growing fast, Raouf decides to set up his own company in Srinagar, Kashmir.

2014 | Flood destroys our office and equipment

September 2014, flood destroys our office and equipment, everything falls apart. Flood water remained in the office and home for over a month.

2015 | New Office & Co-operation

In 2015 we started working with Qbil Software from the Netherlands again. And a new office is opened. With new colleagues.

2017 | Fast growth

As demand continues to grow – the team of Yarikul is expanding fast.

2017 | The successor is born

In September 2017, Ibrahim is born. Son of Raouf Athar, owner of Yarikul Infotech.

2019 | Set up a branche in Bengaluru

A branche in Bangaluru is opened. As many people will know, Bangaluru is the IT hotspot of India.


Today we are working with 15 software developers from our offices in Srinagar, Kashmir and Bengaluru. On a yearly base a part of our team travels to Europe for a period of a month or longer.   

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