Many of our customers make an important contribution to our food chain, making them one of the ‘crucial professions that must keep society running’. Without them … no food. We are well aware of this. We do our utmost to continue to support and help you.

However, in response to the recommended measures regarding the coronavirus, we have some notices and measures:

Our services:

  • Our office in the Sgrinagar and Bengaluru are physically closed. We all work from home. We can be reached by telephone via Mobile: +91-959-646-9850 and / or +91-907-005-5580 and email:
  • It is currently very busy. If you take longer waiting times into account, send your support or general questions to
  • All appointments and meetings are canceled during this period. Where possible, these take place by telephone or webinar

The above measures are valid until the government’s further advice. Any changes are communicated. We assume that we have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions, please let us know. Send a message to