With OCR no more any manual activities. Benefits only.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This OCR technology allows you to convert different types of documents into editable and searchable data such as scanned documents, PDF files or digital images. The OCR solution is developed for erp software and automatically processes all your invoices no manual activities anymore. Benefits only. 


You receive your invoices electronically, by e-mail or by post. The electronically delivered invoice is usually incorporated directly into your ERP or accounting system. Unfortunately, this does not apply to invoices received by post or by email (pdf attachment). Usually, they are still processed manually. This is a time-consuming job with a fair chance of making mistakes. And you have two different invoice processing methods. This is not very efficient, right?

There is a solution.  With this OCR solution you can do it smarter, more efficient and cheaper.  It is a solution that automatically processes all your invoices in the same way in your ERP software. With other words a solution that will save you a lot of time, a lot of mistakes but most of all annoyance.