Technical Writers

Do you enjoy writing and are interesting to know about new technologies and vocabulary, we have been looking for you!

We are looking for someone who is good at communicating with his team, likes humor and is not a boring person at all. Of course you’ll have excellent writing skills.

You’ll be a great asset for us and you’ll help us remember all the great technologies we create at Yarikul. We tend to forget a lot of stuff we work on. You can help us solve our problem, can’t you?

What you are going to do with us? Too many to mention! You will write technical and functional documentation of our products and help your colleagues and our customers with readily available, up to the date information about our products. You’ll always learn new things and put that into writing! You’ll be the go-to-contact for our entire team. You’ll feel great for what you’re doing for us.

You will understand the finest details of our projects and put them into writing for the entire team and for our customers. We constantly keep upgrading and improving our products and you’ll learn those changes and update the knowledge base. This is so much fun and challenging too. We’re sure you are up for this challenge. After all, who wants to get bored with no challenges to overcome and no interesting goals to achieve?

What are you going to do?

You have good hold on the English language and are interested in learning new things, tools and processes. You are a team player but can also work independently and you have the ability to learn quickly. Anyhow, whether you are working on a maintenance or expansion project, you will always face an interesting challenge. Together with the rest of the team. The atmosphere at Yarikul is open and informal. Quality, knowledge, development and a pleasant work experience are our top priority. Innovative ideas and refreshing input are always appreciated.

Job requirements:

  • Excellent English language skills and a vast vocabulary
  • Knowledge of computers
  • Good typing skills, and excellent knowedge of tools like M.S. Word
  • Problem solver and practically oriented
  • Representative, driven and enthusiastic
  • Willingness to occasionally travel to the various Indian states and Europe

Working at Yarikul 


  • A nice salary that matches your experience and skills
  • 5 days a week
  • A young, dynamic and educational environment. Turn your hobby into your work!
  • An informal working atmosphere: openness, friendliness and mutual respect are the foundations on which the team is built
  • A workplace that keeps you in shape: decent widescreen screens and a chair of your choice
  • Working for A customers at home and abroad
  • Excellent accessibility in the center of Srinagar
  • If you want to become even smarter, you can follow a course or training on company expenses.


Ready to get in touch?

Call this number: 9469120600 and ask for Yasir Muslim or send your cv and motivation letter to:

More information?

We are ready to answer all your questions!

Call Raouf or Yasir at: 
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